As with other biological entities, viroid-like RNAs form groups of related sequences, which most likely originate from a relatively recent common ancestor. The clusters below, and their derived information, are the results of a custom, automatic pipeline we wrote to consistently process all sequences. Note that these clusters are not necessarily representative of the refined taxonomy of the sequences they contain but are instead optimized to make it easier to examine groups of (potentially) related sequences. To browse sequences based on their taxonomic classification, use the search page.

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Viroid species demarcation historically used 90% as a cutoff.

Cluster ID Reference Sequence Members
2021-09-07-ID90-1 Hop stunt viroid RNA, isolate:hAIw36-5 2
2021-09-07-ID90-10 Chrysanthemum stunt viroid genomic RNA, strain: SK2 1
2021-09-07-ID90-100 Pear blister canker viroid clone PBCVd-tun8 45
2021-09-07-ID90-101 Hepatitis D Virus genotype 3, clone 010-OBCCl2 5
2021-09-07-ID90-102 Mexican papita viroid, isolate 12/0463/VI.04 5
2021-09-07-ID90-103 Columnea latent viroid isolate 12 clone 2 74
2021-09-07-ID90-104 Australian grapevine viroid isolate F3 2
2021-09-07-ID90-105 Hepatitis delta virus isolate 6 1
2021-09-07-ID90-106 Hepatitis delta virus isolate 4 1
2021-09-07-ID90-107 Hepatitis delta virus isolate 1 3
2021-09-07-ID90-108 Hepatitis delta virus isolate 2 3
2021-09-07-ID90-109 Hepatitis delta virus isolate 3 1
2021-09-07-ID90-11 Chrysanthemum stunt viroid genomic RNA, strain: SK21 1
2021-09-07-ID90-110 Hop stunt viroid clone 1R-HSVd 5
2021-09-07-ID90-111 Hop stunt viroid isolate 09-2009-2140hs 1
2021-09-07-ID90-112 Tomato apical stunt viroid isolate sj3 25
2021-09-07-ID90-113 Velvet tobacco mottle virus Satellite RNA isolate K1v 1
2021-09-07-ID90-114 Chrysanthemum chlorotic mottle viroid isolate W2-7 1
2021-09-07-ID90-115 Chrysanthemum chlorotic mottle viroid isolate H5-2 6
2021-09-07-ID90-116 Hop stunt viroid isolate HSVd-gb 2
2021-09-07-ID90-117 Peach latent mosaic viroid clone C40-A349-g12.83 240
2021-09-07-ID90-118 Hop stunt viroid isolate HSVd-far 25
2021-09-07-ID90-119 Citrus bent leaf viroid isolate CBLVd-3 2
2021-09-07-ID90-12 Chrysanthemum stunt viroid genomic RNA, strain: SK22 1
2021-09-07-ID90-120 Grapevine yellow speckle viroid 2 isolate GYSVd-2-CF7#1 19
2021-09-07-ID90-121 Chrysanthemum stunt viroid isolate US1.2 1
2021-09-07-ID90-122 Chrysanthemum stunt viroid isolate US1.3 2
2021-09-07-ID90-123 Chrysanthemum stunt viroid isolate US1.6 1
2021-09-07-ID90-124 Chrysanthemum stunt viroid isolate US1.8 1
2021-09-07-ID90-125 Chrysanthemum stunt viroid isolate US1.10 1
2021-09-07-ID90-126 Chrysanthemum stunt viroid isolate US1.11 1
2021-09-07-ID90-127 Potato spindle tuber viroid strain Armenia-87 1408
2021-09-07-ID90-128 Tomato chlorotic dwarf viroid clone 1 4
2021-09-07-ID90-129 Hop stunt viroid isolate 599 1
2021-09-07-ID90-13 Hop stunt viroid strain Kh 1
2021-09-07-ID90-130 Peach latent mosaic viroid clone 698_14_336 clone-lib P7 1
2021-09-07-ID90-131 Grapevine yellow speckle viroid 1 clone 15 nonsymptomatic 1
2021-09-07-ID90-132 Grapevine yellow speckle viroid 1 clone 17 nonsymptomatic 7
2021-09-07-ID90-133 Citrus exocortis viroid strain CMC-D 211
2021-09-07-ID90-134 Hop stunt viroid isolate HSVd-WA-1 2
2021-09-07-ID90-135 Hop stunt viroid isolate HSVd-WA-2 5
2021-09-07-ID90-136 Citrus viroid V isolate TN1R 2
2021-09-07-ID90-137 Hop stunt viroid isolate Sy SFC3 clone 13 2
2021-09-07-ID90-138 Potato spindle tuber viroid isolate SJ1PL, partial sequence 6
2021-09-07-ID90-139 Tomato apical stunt viroid isolate SJ2PL, partial sequence 1
2021-09-07-ID90-14 Hop stunt viroid isolate CA909 2
2021-09-07-ID90-140 Citrus viroid VI isolate EK22-4 3
2021-09-07-ID90-141 Cherry small circular viroid-like RNA 1 isolate cscRNA1-es.2 hammerhead ribozyme genes 12
2021-09-07-ID90-142 Grapevine yellow speckle viroid 2 isolate 6556_YS2_Fl 1
2021-09-07-ID90-143 Grapevine yellow speckle viroid 2 isolate 6555_YS2_RG 2